Welcome to Key Route Strings!

Key Route Strings is the home business established in 1982 by Robert and Margo Shafer.   Our main activities are music teaching and string instrument rentals.  

In addition, Rob has published some music arrangements and compositions also under the banner of Key Route Music, and Margo and Rob have developed a music  learning aid called the PianoTrain.  These and other items can be found at, our products and publications website, which, at the moment, is under repair.  (Toy Symphony and ScaleBoard will be moved to the other site shortly.)

Here are some of the lesson and rental packages that we offer.  We'll be adding new choices as needed or requested by our students and clients.

String instrument rentals:




String Bass

Lessons & instrument rental combined

3 - month instrument rentals

Lesson recurring payment plans

Multiple instrument rentals

Installment payments

To reach Key Route Music, please call (510) 548-6659, Monday-Friday, between 10am and 6pm, Pacific Time.

Or email us at:

krm at krmusic dot com

Thanks for visiting Key Route Music!